Husayn, the grandson of Muhammad: contemporary reflections on the struggle for justice

Great religious figures do not belong to a particular religion, time or place.  Their examples have something to offer to all humankind at all times and places.  Such a figure is the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, Husayn ibn Ali, the martyr of Karbala.  In this short book, his life and example are unfolded in sections with each accompanied by points for discussion and reflection.  Click here to be taken to the text.

Husayn and Karbala: a role model for humanity

Imam Husayn, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, together with seventy-two of his companions, was brutally massacred on Ashura Day, 680 on the plain of Karbala in Iraq. This event acts as a clarion cry for Shi’a Muslims, that they too should stand for the cause of justice and right. It is marked by deepest mourning and a review of life. What happened? Why is it such a central element of Islam? How might it act as a role-model for all human beings? Husayn role model for humanity