Experiencing Muharram 2013

During the first ten days of Muharram in November 2013, Dr Chris Hewer was invited to join a Shi'a Muslim leader, Syed Dr Talib Hussain Warsi, in a series of conversations around the events, their place in a wider human context and their relevance for today to be broadcast on a Shi'a satellite TV channel. Each programme begins with an introduction from Dr Warsi and ends with the traditional Shi'a lamentations in mourning the events. To be part of such an experience is normally only available within the Shi'a community but these programmes allow us to gain a sense of this central time of the year for them. They have the authenticity of a Shi'a speaker talking to Shi'a believers and thus carry with them the emotions of the customary mourning.

For Teachers and Course Facilitators

The Complete YouTube Video Playlist for this Series.

Individual Episodes

Episode 1.

Setting out from Madina.

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Episode 2.

Leadership in the face of tyranny.

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Episode 3.

Living with diversity.

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Episode 4.

Controlling people through debt.

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Episode 5.

Taking a stand.

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Episode 6.

The polarities of human life.

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Episode 7.

Turning back to God.

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Episode 8.

The strength of women.

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Episode 9.

The fear of death.

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Episode 10.

The Day of Ashura.

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