Training for dialogue with Islam

The Catholic Bishops of Germany have a national information, resource and training centre for dialogue with Islam and Muslims, called CIBEDO, in Frankfurt.  I was invited to lead a seminar there in October 2014 to explore “The training of Christian workers for dialogue with Islam.”  The paper was presented in German and will be published by CIBEDO in their quarterly.  The English original can be downloaded by clicking on the link.

Understanding Islam course complete

The Understanding Islam course, which comprises forty-six parts, each made up of a 30-minute video talk and an accompanying article, is now complete and uploaded to this website for use freely throughout the world.  It is divided into four series and can be accessed by clicking on the “UI Course” button.  The accompanying articles have been compiled into four collections, each called by the name of the appropriate series, which can be downloaded by clicking on the “Written Resources” button and then “Books.”

Understanding Islam Series IV

The Understanding Islam TV project is nearing its end.  The articles for Series III: Building a Just Society have been compiled into one document and can be downloaded from the Written Resources – Books section of this site.  All the half-hour TV programmes and their accompanying articles can be found in the UI Course section.  The fourth and final series: Bearers of the Final Message, comprising ten programmes with accompanying articles, begins to be broadcast on 20th April on Ahl ul-Bayt TV.  The topics for this series are:

1.       The initial expansion of Muslim rule

2.       Islam spreads outside the Middle East

3.       Greek knowledge passes through the Muslim lands

4.       Sifting and collecting the Hadith

5.       Theologians and their schools

6.       Islam and other faiths

7.       The Islamic critique of Judaism and Christianity

8.       Looking again at Islam and women

9.       The Art of Islam

10.     Muslims in the contemporary world

Christian theological reflection 2014

An invitation was given to write a piece of theological reflection from a Christian perspective on my experience of Christian-Muslim dialogue but the sting was in the tail… in only 750 words!  This led to several attempts and, rather than delete them, I compiled them together without any particular sequential theme running through them other than the topic.  This compilation can be downloaded from Written Resources – Articles.

Questions from The Gambia

In January 2014, a journalist from The Gambia, Sainey Darboe, posed a series of questions to which I wrote responses.  These were published in an online journal in The Gambia and are repeated here for a wider audience.  These responses can be downloaded from Written Resources – Articles.